Asah Waterfall- Tioman Island

Asah waterfalls/Mukut waterfall  are one of the prime attractions of Tioman Island and for good reason too. The Island is located in the South China Sea on the eastern side of Malaysia. It is one of the popular destinations in Asia when you’re looking for a relaxed holiday under the sun. When you’re ready with your beach body “every body is born beach ready” and you want a bit a tan that’s easy on the eyes, this place is your calling. Forget Hawaii when you can get similar experience with way less expenditure.

When you’re already on the Island and you have done all your seaports a bit of rainforest adventure is all you need. Saying all that, the incredible beauty of Asah waterfalls come into picture now. It is one of the many waterfalls of Tioman, but considered the most iconic. It is also called Mukut waterfall. These waterfalls are surrounded by surreal natural background and on your way to watch it you can encounter the wildlife of Tioman. It is home to various species like Chameleons, Porcupines, Flying Foxes, etc.

The route to the waterfalls is not by all means impracticable but also you can’t cover the distance if your shoes aren’t right. Gear up in some trekking shoes and make your way to the top of falls for a spectacular view. Pack a swimming costume if you want to enjoy not just the view but also the feel of fresh water on your skin after all that saline water on the beach.

The waterfalls are situated in the village of Kampung Asah, which is fairly close to the village of Mukut, so it is also called Mukut waterfall . You can plan a visit to the village from there and experience their food and local shops. One adventure after another is a perfect way to spend your time on this Island. The order in which you want to start your day is totally depends on your mood whether visit the village first or the waterfalls.

All of this planning shall not be your headache if you want because many of the resorts plan excursions to the Asah for their guests frequently. It would not be a bad idea to stay close to the waterfalls if you want to avoid a longer trek. Resorts like Japamala Resort, Minang Cove Resort & Spa, Bagus Place Retreat, etc. are situated in the vicinity of the waterfalls. Making a reservation in one of these would be ideal for your trip to Asah waterfalls.