10 Best Things To Do in Tioman Island

Tioman Island is one of the 64 islands situated on the east of Malaysia. A holiday on an island is considered to be a time of leisure and luxury stay with exotic views. Water sports are an added perk to it, which include snorkeling, scuba diving, jet skiing, parasailing, etc. Those coming from countries with temperatures near freezing point are all for enjoying the beach and the sun to the fullest. They will not shy away from sunbathing as long as the sun still shines. Tioman Island offers you all of it and much more.

Here’s a list of best things to do here-


It is one of the activities that can be enjoyed by most people in Tioman. The warm water and various areas of shallow depth provide ample opportunities for the tourists to relish sea-life without hassle. It is fairly cheap as compared to diving. There is no need for previous lessons in case of snorkeling or even carry oxygen cylinder. Freshers can undertake this activity without actually having to go under water and using immense physical strength and training. Renggis Island and Salang Island provide a great environment for snorkeling and are much preferred. Viewing the coral reef in Coral Island also happens to be top of the list for most travellers.

2.Scuba Diving

While the amateurs savor their fair share of sea life via snorkeling the experienced would settle for nothing lesser than diving. The Islands provide not one but many sites for the divers to enjoy the Asian marine flora and fauna. The cost of diving here is as low as RM 110 for 5 or more dives, including equipment rental and RM 95 excluding equipment rental. They also have provisions for night diving and beach diving. This opens a whole new world in Pulau Tioman for diving enthusiasts. They travel the island with the sole purpose of appreciating the sea life and most of their quality time in the island is spent on the same. The various sites most thoroughly enjoyed for this activity are Magician Rock, Tiger Reef, Soyak, Renggis, etc.

3.A dose of sun with margaritas

When you go the Island for a relaxed holiday while soaking up as much sunlight as you can get, the island offers of just that with its exotic beaches. A lot of tourists coming from western countries suffer from lack of sunlight for most part of the year. All they want are a nice tan and glow on their skin, which the island delivers impartially. They can enjoy their cocktails and seafood along with a fabulous massage in the beaches of Tioman. Most celebrated beaches for this purpose in the area are Paya, Juara and Salang beach.

4.Food and drinks

One can enjoy various delicacies of Asia in this part of the world. Various restaurants and shops have to offer much to your taste buds. Famous restaurants like Hijau restaurant offer Indian and Chinese both. The Riverside Cafe offers great Thai food. You will definitely not want to miss the small coffee shops in and around the area. Relish the real Tioman.

5.Juara Turtle Hatchery

This is also one experience that you wouldn’t want to skip on while in the Island. You will appreciate the knowledge of various species of turtles and eggs that the hatchery offers.


Trekking through this area offers various sights to an explorer. You can visit the Asah waterfalls and take many pictures there. While exploring you will encounter quite a few wildlife species of the area like walking catfish, monitor lizards and mouse deer.

7.Enjoying the sunset

To catch the Island at its most picturesque view you will have to wait to for the sunset. You will have the most iconic pictures in your collection for life. Go out into the sea knee-deep with your loved one. The romanticism of the nature will inspire you like nothing else.


If you don’t bring back souvenirs for yourself and your friends you might as well have never visited the place. Local shopping offered at Salang village will fill your bags with satisfaction. Along with the local shopping you will be happy to know that’s it’s a duty free area where you can buy luxury goods like jewelry, designer accessories, wines and liquors tax-free.


You can rent a bicycle from few places in the area like the Berjaya Tioman Resort. A refreshing evening activity after the whole day of sunbathing will do you good on this holiday. You can enjoy both nature and the sunset while on a bike.

10.Fishing trip

It is one of the most popular activities of Tioman. Seafood being the staple of the area you will find fisherman spreading their nets everywhere. You can also go into the river for fishing. There is no curb on the activity and you will not have to pay any extra money to enjoy this activity