Marine Park Centre Tioman – Fellowship of Nine Islands

This may sound like something taken out of a J.R.R. Tolkien book but let me assure you that it’s as far from ‘Mordor’ as possible. ‘Heaven within nine heavens’ would be a more appropriate title to it. This Marine Park Centre comprises of nine islands namely Tioman Island, Sepoi Island, Gut Island, Labas Island, Chebeh Island, Tulai Island, Sembilang Island, Tokong Bahara Island and Seri Buat Island. It is located in the vicinity of these islands.

Tioman Island is easily the largest island among the many islands located off the southeastern coast of Malaysia. It is the king of these islands so access to Marine Park Centre from Tioman makes absolute sense.

Highlights of the Marine Park-

The water park is great for kids and a fun time with family.

1. Beach Experience– This place offers vast white sand beaches for people to enjoy. Your kids can build their sandcastles while you relax and relish the sun. Getting a tan that you can show off to your friends back at the office and make them all jealous is one of the reasons that we even go on a holiday. You can make a nice picnic out of the day by packing food and drinks. If you’re in a group and looking for some physical activity, volleyball is the answer. A Frisbee on the other hand is good to keep your children busy and make memories with them. A walk or stroll on the beach in the evening with your loved one of the most romantic things you can do on this holiday. Watching the sunset and clicking candid shots is all that your Instagram page needs.

2. Snorkeling and Scuba Diving– The Marine Park offers a great deal of sea life that will enlighten your visit. There are not just a variety of different sea animals that you’ll find but also beautiful corals to watch. The corals are in many colors and an underwater camera is a must while visiting this place. They offer a Diving certificate package for beginners. This is something you must consider if you want to take advantage and turn your holiday into a learning experience. If that’s not what you’re looking for then the Centre provides you with professional divers who would help you enjoy your diving and snorkeling experience. While diving you can witness the wrecks of fishing vessels and incredible sea creatures. The crystal clear waters offer no hindrance in the activity. Just gear up with your fins and goggles if it’s snorkeling that you’re looking for or hire your full costume and oxygen cylinder if you’re an enthusiast diver.

How to reach the Marine Park-

There are many resorts located close to the Marine Park for the ease of accessibility. Paya Beach Spa and Dive Resort and Tioman Dive Resort are one of the few such resorts. If you’re staying in a resort further away, you can always find cheap and easy transport to the Centre, which your resort will provide happily.

Tioman Island Diving

Located off the eastern coast of Malaysia this island is a popular travel destination for those either travelling to Malaysia or Singapore. Over the years it has gained the reputation for providing its tourists with great diving and snorkeling opportunities. They have various Diving Schools and Centre to help people enjoy this experience in a safe environment. They are-

1. Blue Heaven Divers- 

With the user ranting of 4.7 and excellent reviews this dive centre is rated as the best in Pulau Tioman.

2. Tioman Dive Centre-

This dive centre has been awarded 4.6 out 5 stars and doesn’t lag behind the Blue Heaven Divers in any sense. Guests have claimed them to be professional, helpful and well equipped.

3. Bayu Dive Centre- 4.3 out 5 is a great enough rating to keep this dive centre going. They have satisfied guests who leave good reviews by the end of it. They have claimed to be the only dive shop to dive the Bayuhouse Reef.

Weather for Diving

The weather that’s ideal for diving is when the sea is calm and there is no forecast of a storm or thunder. When the sea is excessively rough, it affects both diving and sea seasickness increases. The best season for Scuba Diving in Tioman is the Dry Season- February to November. The water temperature ranges from 27 to 29°C. In terms of Visibility March to May are considered the best.

Diving Gear-

Things you will need when going for a dive are-

1. Regulators

2. Fins

3. Buoyancy Compensator

4. Masks

5. Wetsuits

6. Camera

Best diving locations in Tioman-

1. Teluk Kador

2. Tiger Reef

3. Soyak Island

4. Magician Rock

5. Soyak Wreck

6. Chebe Island

7. Malang Rock

8. Fan Canyon

Difference between Snorkelling and Diving


It is one of the activities that can be enjoyed by most people in Tioman. The warm water and various areas of shallow depth provide ample opportunities for the tourists to relish sea-life without hassle. It is fairly cheap as compared to diving. There is no need for previous lessons in case of snorkeling or even carry oxygen cylinder. Beginners can undertake this activity without actually having to go under water and using immense physical strength and training. Renggis Island and Salang Island provide a great environment for snorkeling and are much preferred. Viewing the coral reef in Coral Island also happens to be top of the list for most travellers.

Scuba Diving

While the amateurs savor their fair share of sea life via snorkeling the experienced would settle for nothing lesser than diving. The Islands provide not one but many sites for the divers to enjoy the Asian marine flora and fauna. The cost of diving here is as low as RM 110 for 5 or more dives, including equipment rental and RM 95 excluding equipment rental. They also have provisions for night diving and beach diving. This opens a whole new world in Pulau Tioman for diving enthusiasts. They travel the island with the sole purpose of appreciating the sea life and most of their quality time in the island is spent on the same. The various sites most thoroughly enjoyed for this activity are Magician Rock, Tiger Reef, Soyak, Renggis, etc.