Singapore to Mersing via Bus

Tioman Island or Pulau Island is the biggest Island situated off the eastern coast of Malaysia. It is one of the most frequented islands of this area and offers much to the tourists who are looking for a relaxing getaway by the beach.

There are many ways to travel to this Island e.g. by coach, flight and private car/taxi. Most of these routes take us to two destinations is Malaysia, Mersing and Tanjung Gemuk. Both Mersing and Tanjung Gemuk are a ferry away from Tioman. Unless you take a flight directly from Subang Airport, you will have to travel to Tioman by Ferry.

Bus travel to Mersing-

The various Bus/ Coach services from Singapore to Mersing are-

1. WTS Travel

Pick up point -Singapore Flyer
Arrival at- Mersing Jetty
Time – 6:30am

2. The One Travel

Pick up point -Golden Mile complex
Arrival at- Mersing Jetty
Time – 6:30am


Pick up point -Bugis MRT and Textile Centre
Arrival at- Mersing Jetty
Time – 6:00am and 6:30am

4. Transnasional

Pick up point -The Plaza at Beach Road
Arrival at- Mersing Bus Terminal
Time – 9:00am, 7:00pm and 10:00pm

5. Starmart Express

Pick up point -Golden Mile complex
Arrival at- Mersing Jetty
Time – 6:30 am

All of these buses take around 4 hours to reach Mersing. The fare of most of these is close to SGD35.

The onwards journey via ferry

Mersing to Pulau Tioman

The onwards journey from Singapore is by ferry. The most popular and affordable way to travel to Tioman Island from here is Bluewater hi-speed ferry. The fare is around RM 35 single journey. The sailing time is mostly around 1.5 hours.

Best 6 Islands to Explore near Pulau Tioman for Diving & Snorkeling

Tioman Island is a beautiful island located east to Malaysia. It is the biggest among the 64 islands of that area. The island attracts a heavy load of tourism all year round. The island is quite famous for its white sand beaches, Asah waterfalls and The Marine Park Centre. The other main tourist attractions of this place are it’s diving and snorkeling activities. The various sites most thoroughly enjoyed for this activity are Magician Rock, Tiger Reef, Soyak, etc. Although it’s Tioman, that’s most sought after for this purpose, there are many islands close to it that provide a good opportunity for diving and snorkeling.

The various Islands that are worth exploring for diving and snorkeling are-

1.Pulau Tulai

This island lies east to Tioman and is fairly close to it. It is a good for both snorkeling and scuba diving. It is one of the island is considered suitable for beginners. It takes 30 minutes by a dive boat or a speedboat to reach this island from Salang village in Tioman. You will find yourself swimming with sharks here.

2.Pulau Labas

This is one of the ideal islands for diving because of lesser currents and shallow reef. It is very suitable for beginners. It takes 40 minutes by a dive boat or a speedboat to reach this island from Salang (situated in the north region of Tioman). The main fish you will spot here are barracuda, angelfish, moray eel, lion fish, etc.

3.Pulau Chebeh

This island is located on the northwestern side of Tioman Island. Its reef is composed of volcanic rocks. You can reach this island from Salang (situated in the north region of Tioman) via a dive boat in half an hour. The main sea fauna here includes angelfish, black tip shark, bumphead parrotfish, etc.

4.Pulau Rawa

There are two ways to reach this island either take a ferry from Mersing or take a dive boat from Tekek (Tioman). It is a great place to enjoy shallow dives and diving in general. Main fauna of this region is damselfish, angelfish, spotted groupers, coral trout, morays, sweetlips, etc

5.Pulau Tinggi

This is one of the most peaceful islands near Tioman. It is a very green island and not just for Diving, this place is also worth visiting for its natural beauty. A jetty can take you from Mersing to Tinggi Island.

6.Pulau Renggis

This island is famous for its night dive. The sea is filled with coral reefs and a variety of marine life on this island. A speedboat from Tekek village can take you here. You can swim with the sharks here. Wreck diving is also a main attraction of this place.